About Pilates

Pilates provides you with a whole body workout loved by sports stars and celebrities.

Pilates builds core strength and improves your posture through a series of low repetition, low impact stretching and conditioning exercises.

Pilates goes far beyond your core muscles providing you with a complete body workout. You feel muscles working that you didn’t even know that you had!

Pilates is a complete exercise method that was developed by Joseph Pilates and has been developed further to benefit those with back pain. Pilates tones your muscles without adding bulk, increasing your flexibility and agility and at the same time toning your stomach and thigh muscles.

It helps you to develop an awareness of how your body works, helping your mind and body to work in harmony.

Pilates is based on eight key principles:

  • Relaxation
  • Alignment
  • Control
  • Precision
  • Routine
  • Breathing
  • Centring
  • Flowing Movement
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