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Find your flight though the tools of Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic and challenging form of yoga that builds strength and flexibility. In this workshop led by Margot we will explore a modified version of The First Series. We will look at the pillars of the practice – breath, bandhas and drishti; as we slowly move through the poses, of the modified sequence in more depth, with specific consideration to your body to help you find your personal practice.

We are all different from our physical and mental layers, but often when you attend group yoga classes this uniqueness is disappearing.

You are trying to mimic poses that the teacher shows and following generic alignment rules. In this workshop we will explore options for the sun salutations at the start of the series and the standing poses, specifically we will break down the transitions between each pose – the Vinyasa – and go into more detail on how to use the tools of Ashtanga yoga.

We will end with the finishing sequence. This will include backbends, shoulder stands and headstands and breathing techniques. Students who enjoy other forms of yoga will also find this workshop beneficial, as many of the poses will be familiar.

Those starting their Ashtanga journey will benefit from learning the sequence and slowing down the poses. More experienced students will learn ways of progressing their practice and Vinyasa’s. More advanced options will be shown which can then be applied in class.

Date: To be confirmed

Cost £25

Tickets available at the reception or at the door but booking in advance is advised to ensure your place.


Restorative Yoga For Stress and Anxiety

If you have anxiety, restorative yoga can be particularly beneficial because the mind has less to focus on than with a more active practice and, consequently, any concerns you have been suppressing may start to arise once the body begins to relax. However, this does not mean you should avoid practicing restorative poses. It is precisely during times of feeling highly stressed or anxious that these practices can be of the greatest benefit. We will use props to support the body in ways that have been shown to allow both mind and body to feel safe and grounded as your physical and spiritual strength builds over the months.

This workshop is blending Yin & Restorative Yoga. You’ll will soak up supported, yet deep stretches using breath awareness and a range of yoga props. It will feel like a little holiday for the mind, body and soul!

The practice will bring greater awareness to internal layers of the body that can sometimes be missed in faster moving practices. Poses (either seated or reclined) are held for between 3 – 20 minutes inviting both the body and breath to slow down. In doing so you’ll obtain a beautiful sense of calm within your nervous system which sets the scene for deeply healing relaxation. Recommended for everyone who has a busy life, to reset, release & restore.

Date: To be confirmed.

Cost £20

Additional Workshops can be organized depending on demand.

Tickets available at the reception or at the door but booking in advance is advised to ensure your place.


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